Contoh Narasi MC Bahasa Inggris

Berikut ini saya share narasi MC menggunakan bahasa Inggris, semoga bermanfaat. Jika ada penulisan atau struktur kata yang salah tolong disampaikan yaa…

Ladies and gentleman,

First af all I’d like to say thanks to god the almighty that today we can be gathered in this special events. We attend our sincere gratitude and warm welcome to all of you  for attending this occasion “Visit field Mahidol University to Hasan Sadikin General Hospital”, Monday, December ten Two thousand and Twelve.

For opening our gathered today, I’d like to invite the chairman of Mahidol University Thailand to say the welcome speech, please kindly step forward.

Now, we will proceed to the  welcome speech of the chairman of Hasan Sadikin General Hospital. And continuing with explanation of Hasan Sadikin General Hospital Profile. So that we woud llike to invite Mr. Bayu Wahyudi to step forward.


Distinguished guest,

It’s time for discussion session, if there’s any question from all the guest, please. This session will be led by dr. Ruswana.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for all attention, now we would like to inviteall of you to enjoy the lunch which is available in front of this room. And after that, we will go to gathered around this hospital at hospital tour session that will be led by mr Prabowo. I think that’s all from me, I beg you  a forgiveness  if there’s wrong from me, and thank you for attention. Have you enjoy, good afternoon and see u latter.   



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